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Friday, April 07, 2023

Farm Slider easy to play, challenging to finish puzzle game


 With colourful and minimalistic sliding puzzles, Farm Slider is easy to play, challenging to finish and impossible to put down! Challenge your brain and enjoy several hours of puzzling fun, suited for all ages.

Featuring lots of levels with different farm towns pictures but there's an issue: they are all out of place! Slide your way through and rearrange the pictures until they match the original in order to complete the level.

Key features:
"Easy to learn, hard to master" sliding puzzle gameplay
Colorful minimalistic farm settings
48 brain stimulating levels suited for all ages

Farm Slider is releasing April 14th 2023 on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation and Xbox.

Farm Slider will have a retail price of 4.99 (eur/gbp/usd), with a pre-order and launch discount of 20%.


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