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Monday, July 04, 2022

Instant Sports All Stars Game Live the American Dream play sports and discover American culture

The newest instalment in the hit arcade sports series INSTANT SPORTS is now available on Nintendo Switch and Playstation 5. Discover INSTANT SPORTS All-Stars today and enjoy 8 crazy activities inspired by famous American sports such as football and baseball.

This new opus has all the ingredients that have made the INSTANT SPORTS saga so successful: a game that can be played in local multiplayer for fun with family and friends. Take advantage of motion-gaming on Nintendo Switch to play using simple movements. Players can also try to break records with standard controls.

Thursday, June 30, 2022

Of Bird And Cage the power of metal music and artists from ex Guns N' Roses, Epica Within Temptation

Of Bird and Cage, a unique metal album presented through a two-hour-long story-driven game, created by Capricia Productions and published by All in! Games, is now available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One for $9.99 - €9.99 and for the first two weeks of launch, Xbox One players will enjoy a 20% discount.

Of Bird and Cage is a dark, twisted game specifically tailored to its music. Submerge yourself into the sheer power of metal music like never before with a two-hour-long story of trauma, violence and madness based on the ‘Beauty and the Beast’

Wednesday, June 29, 2022

XIII Remake Major Switch update on September 13 2022

A major update for the game XIII Remake as well as the Nintendo Switch version of the game will be released on September 13th 2022. As a reminder, the game is the remake of the iconic cel-shaded FPS from 2003, and is the adaptation of the 5 first volumes of the Belgian graphic novel of the same name by artist William Vance and writer Jean Van Hamme.

To achieve the quality standards and offer an optimal gaming experience, Microids decided to entrust the development of XIII Remake to the French studio Tower Five (Lornsword: Winter Chronicle). Hard at work for more than a year on a major update for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC versions, the studio has also worked on the multiplayer content as well as the Nintendo Switch port of the game. This update, the multiplayer content and the Switch version will simultaneously be released on September 13th.

Phobies game access a supernova new tactics, devastatingly demonic environments and 8 new abilities

Contact has officially been made and a whole host of extraterrestrial Phobies have travelled at the speed of light to land on Steam, Android and iOS today in the latest update to the game.

From today, players have access to a supernova of new tactics and devastatingly demonic environments as well as 8 new abilities to strategise effectively against opponents, use of Greylian to swap places with an enemy, 5 new maps, and exclusive Phobies to unlock.

Acolyte a narrative ARG/Detective game

Acolyte is a narrative ARG/Detective game that gives you your own Acolyte; a digital assistant you can talk to freely with unlimited dialogue options. Just like a real conversation.

Acolyte invites players to become an employee of Nanomax – a well-funded tech start-up looking to change the face of consumer AI. As a remote QA tester for the company, players will interact with its staff and absorb its culture, but unexplained firings, missing employees and a strange, highly-classified bug in the Acolyte code-base point to something being very wrong.

Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Way of the Hunter 2022 Bring on the Camo, Ammo, Ducks, and Bucks

Way of the Hunter launches on August 16 for PC, Xbox One and PS4.

Hunting Season comes early this year: Way of the Hunter will be out on PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series S/X on August 16th, 2022. Get ready to embark on a fascinating hunting adventure in two huge open-world areas - and you’ll even get to give your feet a break since Way of the Hunter comes with a sturdy off-road vehicle to transport your hunter from the blind to the bush. But be careful, the noise from your car will scare away any animals in the vicinity. You’re better off taking a little walk when you’re closing in on a herd.

Jane Foster's Marvel Avengers Mighty Thor Free Update

Jane Foster’s Mighty Thor is now available as a playable Hero in Marvel’s Avengers, bringing the game’s roster of Heroes to 10 across all platforms and 11 including the PlayStation-exclusive Spider-Man.

The Mighty Thor brings a fresh way to experience the Mjolnir-wielding Goddess of Thunder either solo or with friends. Her unique movement and combat abilities are sure to be a great addition to any Strike Team taking on missions in the Avengers Initiative.

Rise of Kingdoms update new Commanders, Imhotep, pyramid architect, high priest & Warrior King

With its rich history of prosperity and affluence, the addition of ancient Egypt allows players to experience a whole new civilisation to lead, grow, and flourish. Additionally, the update adds new Commanders, including Imhotep, expert pyramid architect and high priest, and “The Warrior King” himself, Thutmose III. Powerful, intelligent, strategic, and undoubtedly stylish, ancient Egypt was ruled for almost 30 centuries before its conquest by Alexander the Great in 332 B.C. Rise of Kingdoms also offers players 13 historically accurate kingdoms to command, with societies from rich cultural backgrounds in addition to Egypt, such as Rome, Britain, Spain, Germany, France, China, Japan, Korea, Arabia, Ottoman, Byzantium, and Viking.

Lead expeditions beyond country borders, devote power to assisting residents in need and become a leader known for their noble character. With Rise of Kingdoms’ vastly rich MMOSLG gameplay that flawlessly merges MMO-style gameplay on a world map that’s limitlessly zoomable, wage historically accurate wars between ancient civilisations and lead their denizens to a prosperous future.

Nebulous Fleet Command sci-fi strategy simulation game

NEBULOUS: Fleet Command aims to depict a realistic vision of how space battles might take place in the far future, with the use of 3D movement controls amplified by electronic warfare, radar, and precision targeting mechanics.

Each ship has its own detailed positional damage model, meaning each ship's survival is dictated by its systems and not a generalist health bar. Damage control teams can move from compartment to compartment to try and repair damage inflicted to a vessel, and different modules can be targeted depending on the priorities of the battle and player.

Neebota: 99 Fails Game the endless nightmares of surreal rage platform game

99 Fails Lite has been bamboozling and delighting gamers in equal measures for the past few weeks since its launch earlier this month. Offering them a rage-inducing taste of what is to come when Neebota: 99 Fails launches on PC and consoles later this year, 99 Fails Lite combines off-the-wall action with more surreal set pieces and creepy critters than you can shake a stick at.

Available across both mobile platforms and Steam, no matter where you are you’ll always be able to get a few goes in, even if there is a 99% chance they’ll all end up with you falling into the endless void below. Especially with the taunting voice of a particularly mean narrator who will never miss the chance to tease you for your lacklustre performances…

Monday, June 27, 2022

Samudra a deep sea journey game - a perilous journey across the ocean floor to reach the surface

Developed by Khayalan Arts and featuring haunting locations, menacing creature design and devious puzzles, the handcrafted 2D adventure SAMUDRA is launching today on Steam

Profits from the game’s sales will partially fund a year-round collaboration with the Indonesian Environmental Activist Circle to reduce plastic usage in Indonesia by 70% in 2025.

Parasite Pack Game Something Completely Different - TapeWorm & Flea

The Parasite Pack - two titles, Flea and Tapeworm Disco Puzzle, to gamers which is due for release on July 1st, 2022.

Released on all console platforms, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Microsoft Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and Nintendo Switch priced at a remarkable $7.99 - €7.99 - £5.99, this delightful retro inspired twin set will traverse gamers back to the heyday, when games offered real nail biting challenges, focus and joystick shenanigans.

Sunday, June 26, 2022

Gum+ Game - be drawn into this crazy, sticky, retro world thrilling retro game in the old style

Gum+ is a captivating adventure of a cute blob with adhesive properties. A level-by-level increase in difficulty and challenging puzzles await you.

A vast, dark and hostile world stretches around the corner. Full of dangers, obstacles, puzzles, and difficulties to solve. What about you? You're just a sticky little blob. But what a very special blog

A vain and arrogant wizard magically animated you to act as his slave. But you know you were made for a greater purpose. Use all your sticky skills: push and slide blocks to avoid obstacles, solve puzzles, and complete levels.

Blast Brigade vs the Evil Legion of Dr Cread exploration action shooter

This explosive, single-player, 2D action-adventure platformer is coming to Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and will be available on Steam later this year.

The game is being developed by a newly-formed team within Allods Team, which is focussing on pioneering games full of fresh ideas and concepts. Allods Team Arcade boasts young and ambitious development talent dedicated to exploring different genres.

Wednesday, June 22, 2022

Rune Factory 5 release date welcomes New Explorers to a Grand Adventure in Rigbarth

Rune Factory 5 will release globally onto Windows PC via Steam on July 13 with visual updates and new customisation options for the platform. The farming/life sim RPG title delivers a full 3D adventure that has players exploring treacherous dungeons and battling dangerous foes to unravel a mystery threatening their adopted home of Rigbarth. In between each day’s adventure, they’ll grow crops, participate in local festivals, and build friendships with a lovable cast of townsfolk. 

To commemorate its upcoming arrival on a new platform, Rune Factory 5 will be available for a 15% pre-purchase discount off its standard $59.99 price, which will decrease to a 10% launch week discount once the title releases on July 13. A ‘Digital Deluxe Edition’ featuring 13 exclusive outfits inspired by the marriage candidates of Rune Factory 4 will also be available for pre-purchase for $69.99 with the same discounts as the standard edition.

Rail Route: Train Dispatcher Simulator Game free railway management simulation The Story of Jozic

The Story of Jozic - a free narrative management sim from the Rail Route development team is now available on Steam

Please stay back, doors will close automatically - Rail Route: The Story of Jozic has successfully launched on Steam . Completely free of charge, The Story of Jozic introduces players to the world of dispatchers. As an apprentice, you get a glimpse into the mysteries of dispatcher under the tutelage of friendly mentor Jozic - and discover that there are things lurking in his past that would have been better left undiscovered.

MultiVersus Showcase 2 new dynamic 2 v 2 gameplay in MultiVersus new free to play platform fighter

New video showcasing the dynamic 2 vs. 2 gameplay featured in MultiVersus, the all-new free-to-play, platform fighter in development by Player First Games. Established Fighting Game Community (FGC) gamers – ApologyMan and Spooky – each paired with a top performing player from the recent MultiVersus Closed Alpha – Brokkr and Leviathan. ApologyMan (playing as Tom & Jerry) and Brokkr (playing as Superman) represented the Blue Team and faced off against the Red Team of Spooky (playing as Shaggy) and Leviathan (playing as Velma) in an intense 2 vs. 2 competition.

Hosted by FGC commentators Sharpie, AJAX, and IFC YipeS, the best-of-five series provides insight on a variety of gameplay elements, characters choices, and cooperative strategies utilised by each team, along with post-match interviews with all four players discussing the outcome of the contest.

Tuesday, June 21, 2022

Evil West 2022 gameplay third-person action game first in depth Look

Evil West, the third-person action game that puts you in the boots of a vampire hunter rescuing a Wild West devoured by darkness, starts unleashing hell with a first Extended Gameplay Trailer ahead of its release on September 20 on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC. 

Watch 10 minutes of uncut gameplay sequences topped with fresh cinematic glimpses of Evil West’s unearthly narrative. Pre-orders are available on the Focus Entertainment Store.

Monday, June 20, 2022

Aquatico Game 2022 Underwater survival city builder Simulator first gameplay

First video snippets showcasing alpha footage of Aquatico gameplay elements. This survival strategy/building game is set deep in the ocean in a post – apocalyptic world. Expectedly, challenges players must overcome in that environment are unique and tough, but with proper planning everything can be done.

This first alpha footage showcases, for the first time, some of the prominent gameplay elements – vertical layered construction, logistics of underwater infrastructure planning and expedition mechanics. These are only some of the upcoming important building blocks for the successful creation of a thriving underwater settlement. At the same time, this alpha trailer finally gives away more details on how the game plans to utilize the specific environment found on the sea bed and allow players innovative ways to navigate these challenges by turning them into possible advantage.

Scrap Riders Game new gameplay trailer Fight through this 2D beat them up using your fists and guns

This new trailer highlights Scrap Riders’ unique gameplay combination of classic Point’n Click adventure mechanics and Beat’em up action. Interact with eccentric characters through crazy dialog, solve wacky puzzles, uncover numerous meta jokes and references… and beat up some bad guys with powerful punches, kicks & jabs.

About Scrap Riders
Scrap Riders is a pixel art beat’em up adventure game set in a cyberpunk future, developed by Spanish studio Games for Tutti. You play as Rast, a member of the outlaw bikers gang Scrap Riders, and make your way through the wastelands as well as a big metropolis controlled by corporations. Act as a smuggler with caustic humor to survive in this post-apocalyptic world.