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Tuesday, April 11, 2023

Tennis League VR True-to-Life Tennis Physics or Pick Up and Play game free demo

Become a VR Athlete and Ace the Competition With True-to-Life Tennis Physics or Pick Up and Play Brand New Modes Like Droid Rush

ust off your tennis shoes and step up to the court! Developer AnotheReality and funding partner HIP have announced that Tennis League VR will arrive April 20 on Meta Quest 2. Made for aspiring pros, fitness fanatics and casual joes, Tennis League VR will offer the thrill of intense rallies, the triumph of landing the perfect ace, and mini-games that train and entertain when it launches later this month. Wishlist Tennis League VR on the Meta Quest Store today, or loosen up those hamstrings and brush up on your backhand with a free demo now available on App Lab.

Tennis League VR’s brand new, never-before-seen arcade mode - Droid Rush - will test players’ aim as they stave off an army of robot invaders. Tennis meets tower defense while testing racket reflexes against waves of mechanical menaces.

Amateur or seasoned athletes can refine their slices, topspins and lobs using real tennis techniques across a variety of other modes including career and custom, then swoop into multiplayer to dominate the courts and smash the competition.

Customize your playstyle with multiple control options and learn at your own pace. Developed with the help of real tennis and sportscare professionals, Tennis League VR is designed to deliver matchpoint bliss for VR players of all skill levels.

Wishlist Tennis League VR today ahead of its launch for Meta Quest 2 on April 20. Get into the swing of things (c’mon, we had to do it!) with a free playable demo now available on App Lab.


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