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Tuesday, April 04, 2023

Havendock game build a settlement in the middle of an ocean

In Havendock, you will build a settlement in the middle of an ocean – a peaceful asylum for you and many other castaways. But unlike most city builders, in Havendock you are the hero — the solo inventor and community leader! Start by collecting driftwood and obtaining drinkable water. Take up farming, grow your resources, cook delicious meals. And things will escalate quickly. One day you might end up in a submarine exploring the ocean floor, or a rocket taking off to the skies, while your settlers… have fun on the dance floor!

Despite your predicament, the game is not so much about survival. Those who enjoyed Havendock describe a zen-like experience, as they sit back, breathe easy, and play to their own tune.In Havendock you will also be able to:
Automate everything — manage tasks and production to keep everyone happy and healthy. More settlers mean more needs to be met, but don't worry! You'll teach your new pals how to help, and together you can automate the things you like less. Some tasks can also be performed by fluffy animals or advanced robots.

Set sail — exploring neighbouring islands will allow you to gather valuable resources that can be used to expand the town. “If there are boats, then why not return to civilization?” - you may ask. But why would you want to, if you have created a better civilization on the ocean?

Become an inventor — as the settlement develops, you will gain access to advanced technologies. Nothing will stop you from building a submarine, which will allow you to discover the secrets of the ocean floor.

Try the experimental multiplayer — invite your friends and play in co-op mode. Have fun but keep in mind that you’ll encounter a spectacular number of bugs as long as this is work-in-progress mode.


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