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Thursday, November 03, 2022

Space Tail Game the story of the first dog astronaut in space

On this day, 65 years ago, the first dog, Laika, left the Earth’s atmosphere. Longterm Games wishes to pay tribute to our four-legged friends who went where no man has gone before and present Space Tail: Every Journey Leads Home. Bea was sent to outer space by humans and now she must find her way back home. Good thing she is a dog and has canine skills allowing her to explore alien worlds, like no human would be able to.

Bea ventured where no man had gone before – she’s a dog, who passed the final frontier and now is stranded, far from home. Now she must find a way back to Earth. Fortunately, dogs possess certain abilities that human astronauts lack. Canine hearing and smell will help Space Tail’s heroine solve complex puzzles and find hidden objects in alien worlds. 

Her speed and agility will allow to overcome traps, obstacles and other cosmic threats. Don’t forget she is a charming and cute dog – this will be crucial when proving that her species is not only man’s best friend, as interacting with extraterrestrial beings can save her from many dangers. Running around and trying to bite her own tail might be a problem, but it’s also a part of a dog's life.

Main game features:
  • Be a space dog – Bea is just an average dog, sent by humans to the unexplored vastness of space. As such she possesses no superpowers and has to rely on what nature gave her - great hearing and smell, speed, and cunning to overcome obstacles.
  • In space everyone can hear you bark – Space Tail’s hero will also have to take over the hearts (or whatever organs they use) of aliens. Interacting by gestures and moves she can befriend other races (or irritate them). Their reactions are crucial to moving forward. Bea will also become friends with some untypical companions, who will assist her for a longer part of the journey.
  • Diverse and complex biomes and puzzles – our space explorer enters a truly uncharted territory. With each visited planet, players will encounter new flora, fauna and alien technology, traverse maze-like environments and solve tricky puzzles to progress further.
  • A tribute to the first astronauts – real-life dog astronauts and cosmonauts didn’t have a happy life and many were lost so mankind could reach the stars. Space Tail wants to show an optimistic and heartwarming tale of a dog that returned from its journey and make players consider how much we owe to our four-legged friends.

Space Tail: Every Journey Leads Home is available on PC and Nintendo Switch for $19.99.


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