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Tuesday, November 01, 2022

Yi Xian The Cultivation Card Game Dyson Sphere Program publishers swap space for magic

Yi Xian: The Cultivation Card Game for December launch. It’s a deck builder inspired by Xianxia, a genre of Chinese fantasy. Cultivation here is nothing to do with farming but with harvesting ancient magical powers. More exciting, right?

Acclaimed indie publisher Gamera Games is bringing DarkSun Studio’s Yi Xian: The Cultivation Card Game to Steam on December 6th. Bringing a fresh twist to the deck-building genre, Yi Xian: The Cultivation Card Game takes inspiration from ‘cultivators’ in Chinese mythology - gifted people who seek to become immortal beings. 

Therefore players are presented with a mystical world filled with heroes, villains, and supernatural powers. Here, players from across the globe compete against each other as they take part in online tournaments to find out who has the deadliest deck. With a wide collection of cards to collect and an expansive range of playstyles to master, no duel will ever be the same.

Deck construction is key to dealing out damage in Yi Xian. Choosing the right cards for your deck is as important as using them well in combat, with players able to unleash powerful synergies when the correct cards are combined. Combat takes place automatically, so players must order their deck in the way that best suits their chosen strategy. For example, play cautiously and look to minimise enemy attacks or go on the offensive and deal massive damage in the shortest amount of time. Regardless of how one may choose to play, monitoring cards on either end of the battlefield is an essential part of achieving success and outwitting enemies.

Three distinct sects are available for the player to choose from. Each contains a bespoke set of characters and sub-professions with their own exclusive cards as well as unique abilities. Mixing and matching characters and sub-professions lets players take on new play styles and abilities, making the deck-building possibilities near-endless. Only the player’s imagination will limit their ability to construct decks capable of sinking even the finest of opponents.

Key Cards:
  • An online deck builder inspired by Xianxia, a genre of historic Chinese fantasy
  • Characters and sub-professions let players explore a range of different playstyles
  • Select cards to create powerful synergies and build an unstoppable deck
  • Each new run brings a new set of cards and challenges to overcome; got what it takes to keep succeeding?


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