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Monday, October 24, 2022

Galahad 3093 Armor with attitude Free to Play Arthurian Mech Hero Arena Shooter

GALAHAD 3093, the Arthurian team-based hero arena shooter from developer Simutronics, goes Free-to-Play later today while remaining in Steam Early Access on PC, welcoming all mech enthusiasts to storm the battlefield.

As a thank you to those who purchased the game before the 24th, early supporters will be given the Trailblazer's Pack for free, full of currency for extra cosmetic and blueprint unlocks valued over $30.

Play as eight Knights and customise their mechs (aka Lances) with weapons, deployable tech, and cosmetics to put your best metallic foot forward in two different game modes, Base Assault and Death match. Form team-focused strategies in 12v12 multiplayer matches across seven different maps full of other-worldly environmental hazards.

Pilot colossal mechs known as Lances, taking up the mantle of eight Arthurian legends. Embody each iconic Knight with personal abilities invoking their predecessor’s past accomplishments. Sneak behind enemy lines as Morgan with her invisibility cloak. Turn the tide as Owain with his EMP blast. Disorient rivals with Mordred’s teleport. Lead the charge as Arthur himself with the X-Calibur orbital strike.

Mix and match dozens of Lance Variants with specialised stats, primary and secondary weapons, deployable tech, and upgrade modules for trillions of loadout combinations. Customise the look of each Knight’s Lance with paint jobs, holographic banners, and nose art. Make planetfall on seven battlefields such as the frozen moon Europa, the sand worm-infested Bayesian Canyons, and the storm-ridden SFG Heavy Industries.

Synergise Knight and Lance load outs alongside 11 other teammates for 12v12 mech battles within two different game modes. In Base Assault, work together to take down enemy generators, destroy defence turrets, capture new spawn points, and defend your team’s base to degrade enemy tickets over time. Death match includes capture able bases for strategic play, but only kills remove tickets.

"Throughout early access, our community has implemented incredibly creative team and individual strategies,” said David Whatley, CEO, President, and Lead Designer at Simutronics. “Tricking enemies into chasing them through a tele-porter with a proximity mine trap on the other side, guiding opponents with Arthur’s pings to eradicate them, and other devious schemes. Now that anyone can jump in, we expect to see even more intense battles worthy of their own legends.”

GALAHAD 3093 is available on PC via Steam for free today. All paying early adopters will have their support rewarded with the Trailblazer's Pack for free, worth over $30 in value. GALAHAD 3093’s v1.0 launch on PC via Steam is planned for early 2023.


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