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Friday, October 28, 2022

Gunfire Reborn Roguelite co-op RPG Arrives on Xbox and PC Game Pass

Wreak havoc as six playable animal heroes in single player or form a co-op squad of up to four players. Run ‘n’ gun through gorgeous procedurally-generated levels, earning inventive weapons and scrolls to craft the perfect character build. 

With more than 100 different game-changing items and weapons to discover, each run offers new secrets and a rewarding sense of progression for roguelite veterans and newcomers alike. Unleash character-specific abilities including dual-wielding, smoke bombs, and room-clearing kicks to defeat an impressive roster of enemies and challenging bosses. Gunfire Reborn launches today on Xbox and PC Game Pass.Gunfire Reborn is available today on Xbox and PC Game Pass. It is also available on Steam. In August, Duoyi Games released the Visitors of the Spirit Realm DLC.

To provide players with a rewarding single or co-op adventure blending FPS, RPG and roguelike elements for fast-paced action perfect for friends and family.


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