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Sunday, October 23, 2022

ARK Ultimate Survivor Edition Game on Switch

The major “overhaul” update for ARK: Survival Evolved on Switch vastly improves visual quality and performance, drastically reduces loading times, adds numerous QoL features like a virtual cursor for improved inventory management, and much more. 

ARK: Ultimate Survival Edition is the definitive collection on Switch that includes all upcoming patch improvements as well as all ARK expansion packs, launching Day 1 with Scorched Earth; with Aberration, Extinction, and Genesis Parts 1 & 2 coming in subsequent months.

Exclusive to Nintendo Switch! ARK: Dinosaur Discovery mode is tailor-made to guide younger players through the world of ARK in a kid-friendly, non-violent, dino-facted-filled adventure! Featuring simplified controls that can be played on a single Joy-Con, young gamers can learn about the real-life dinosaurs featured in ARK and unlock illustrated Dino Books filled with facts narrated by actress Madeline Madden as the voice of HLN-A. ARK: Dinosaur Discovery will be offered as a free download for all ARK: Survival Evolved owners on Switch. A separate downloadable version of the game will also appear on the Nintendo eShop.


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