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Tuesday, December 06, 2022

Primitive primal survival game first video

Primitive – an open-world survival adventure – is coming to PC. Here's a little sneak peek saying that Primitive will offer an open-world hostile gameplay packed with primitive forces. The gameplay will be set in the savage realities of the Stone Age, where you'll encounter mighty mammoths, saber toothed tigers and hostile tribes of Neanderthals and the first Homo sapiens. The release date is yet to be announced.

Primitive is an open-world action adventure survival game with FPP/TPP modes available, and it’s single player oriented. The gameplay is said to be varied in a lot of ways and featuring a number of mechanics, including elements of survival, combat, exploration, hunting, shelter building and crafting. The player will be confronted with many perils — hostile beasts (mammoths, tigers, to name just a few), as well as competing tribes.

The project is still at its early development stage. Thinking of similar games, Primitive is close to such titles as Far Cry Primal, yet our concept focuses more strongly on showing the primal character of a real world from many thousands of years ago, where it all boiled down to raw power, as well as a fight for dominance and survival," says Tomasz Supeł, CEO of Games Box S.A.

Primitive, which uses Unreal Engine 5 technology, has a Stone Age theme set tens of thousands of years ago, when the planet was inhabited by Neanderthals and Homo sapiens. The developers are working on adding diverse territories – from warm and verdant landscapes to ice-capped mountain areas.

In Primitive, the players will take an active part in choosing their outfits, weapons, equipment, shelter and much more. Another important feature will be a system of dynamic change in weather conditions.

The Stone Age is such a compelling time. The lives of the first people were dominated by savage and primordial forces, and the world was packed to the brim with imminent danger creeping in like no other. The open-world game Primitive will combine brutal survival with elements typical of other genres, to finally create a unique and hypnotising blend,” adds Tomasz Supeł.

Primitive – main features:
- primal survival;
- combat, exploration, hunting;
- the Stone Age;
- mighty beasts and hostile tribes;
- open world;
- Neanderthals and Homo sapiens.
- Unreal Engine 5.

Primitive is reported to hit the PC (Steam).


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