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Tuesday, November 22, 2022

Lumencraft major update news and game trailers

Scouts, get ready. Lumencraft has received a major content update alongside the full version’s release window Lumencraft has updated with major content drop including weighty gameplay changes, various improvements, and new language packs. The release of the full version on PC is scheduled for early 2023, with a Nintendo Switch version confirmed to follow. 

Scouts are invited to dive into the underground abyss in a search of light with the new highly impactful update! The Giga Update introduces a game-changing feature - randomly generated maps, a brand new weapon ready to cause brutal carnage in the enemy ranks, 80 new Steam achievements to unlock, new translations into French, Spanish and Russian, and more.

Players can now experience Lumencrafts` tunnels like never before with roguelike procedurally generated maps, offering unique playthroughs and endless replayability. You would never know what great fortune or great danger lies ahead of you, with each level including tunnels, ore patches, enemy waves, and treasures. Luckily enough, your regular robust arsenal has been extended with a new powerful weapon, Lumenal Discharger, launching an unstoppable lightning beam that consumes Lumen ammo. The Giga Update is the best occasion to date for all scouts, veterans, and newcomers to test their skills in Lumencraft.

Key features of Giga Update:
  • Procedural maps: from baked handcrafted maps to 100% procedurally generated roguelike levels.
  • New weapon: Lumenal Discharger - a dramatic armament charged with a lightning beam.
  • New Steam achievements: unlock 80 new achievements - some are easy and some are tricky.
  • New languages: the game is now available in French, Spanish and Russian.
  • Improvements and fixes: various UI, VFX, and sound changes.


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