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Saturday, July 06, 2024

Railbreak - Blast Some Zombie Butt game release trailer

Work have you stressed out? Stop doom-scrolling through social media and kick some zombie keister when Railbreak and Railbreak Pocket Edition land onto iPhone via iOS! What do Lydia and Hank, heroes of the upcoming survival horror adventure Outbreak: Shades of Horror, do when they need a break from annihilating the undead? They play video games of course! Join the duo as they check out the hottest new game in the Cypress Ridge Arcade for some much needed stress-relief, and let the hijinks ensue! Railbreak for iOS brings the console quality arcade shooter to mobile! In the fully-voiced and hilarious Story mode, battle through six acts packed with disgusting, larger than life monsters in an alternate version of Cypress Ridge where the only way out is to shoot, shoot, and shoot some more. Sometimes the fiction is stranger than the truth as you find and use weapons that you would only ever find in an arcade game to hilarious results, fight freaky special infected creatures, and survive insane game-modifying ‘Glitches.’ Unlock additional characters with unique weapons and perks, and take them for a spin in five additional modes. Take on any act from the main Story with another character in Score Attack mode. Survive for as long as you can in the endless Onslaught mode. Endure a randomized version of the main campaign where the modifiers are constant and anything can happen in Glitch Gauntlet. Lay waste to each of the game’s challenging super monsters in Boss Rush. Scratch the itch for a quick round with a unique scenario in Shoutout Shootout. Every mode in Railbreak can be played with traditional rules or with the Time Korrisis game-type where the clock is ticking and slaughtering enemies is the only way to extend your playthrough. Players will mow down waves upon waves of zombies with the new, deeply satisfying touch screen controls on iOS. This control scheme includes a unique and optional dual-wielding configuration! Dismember zombies and quickly collect hidden items with precise taps. Playing the game’s higher difficulties with pinpoint accuracy is sure to be an adrenaline rush. Every level, character, weapon, and mode featured in the other versions of Railbreak are all available to play on your phone with engaging and intuitive touch controls. Need to kill some time on the train? Frustrated on the job? Procrastinating on your college work? Whip out your iPhone, pump some no-good zombies full of lead, and shoot for a new high score! The citizens of Cypress Ridge will thank you for saving their city! Step back into the arcade, and clean the plagued streets of Cypress Ridge in Railbreak on iPhone via iOS. It’s survival of the fittest, and the fittest brought guns.

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