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Friday, July 05, 2024

Kingdom Rush 5 - Alliance Tower defence game teaser trailer

While a formidable evil emerges, an unexpected alliance is taking shape. It will take the finest warriors of Linirea and the relentless Dark Army to stop it. Beware! Though they may journey side by side the ever-changing winds of fate could swiftly alter their course. GAME FEATURES: 15 Towers with special skills. You can create a wide range of strategies by utilizing towers such as accurate archers, lethal paladins, and even demon pits. 12 Epic Heroes; now, you can play with 2 heroes in each stage, upgrading them to unleash all their power and abilities to bolster their defense. Face action-packed challenges across 3 different exotic landscapes. 16 Campaign stages. Explore diverse landscapes while defending against hordes of enemies. Each stage offers a new adventure! 3 different game modes. Who doesn't love a good challenge? 50+ Achievements, show off your skills, and unlock rewards! 32+ different enemies to test your mettle. Easter eggs and the usual lighthearted humor of Ironhide.

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