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Monday, June 24, 2024

Sprout Valley A whole new world to explore Summer DLC

The world of Ostara has expanded this summer – all aboard, this cozy adventure starts now. Sprout Valley Summer DLC is available on Nintendo Switch and Steam Summer is here, and with it players can now discover new lands in Sprout Valley. This huge update expands the world with new biomes, decorations, recipes, and bring more color to the already vibrant game. Can Nico visit all these lands during one summer? Will he be able to catch every unique fish? With the players’ help nothing is impossible. Sprout Valley: Summer is now available on Steam and Nintendo Switch – all farmers aboard.Sprout Valley, the cozy farming simulator, has seen many content updates and DLCs since its launch in 2023. This time, Nico sighted entirely new lands on the horizon – islands covered in sandy beaches, stone cliffs, and evergreen jungles. These new biomes are not just eye-candy – they come with their own unique plants and materials. With the new resources from these areas, players will be able to craft new bamboo and cactus furniture to decorate Nico’s home, automate their fishing, and drink some delicious cactus juice. As they travel, the players and adorable kitten farmer can also fish out unique, biome-exclusive catches like the stone fish or the sand fish. Last week, players were also greeted by a pet-focused patch that added buffs to their traveling companions. Speedy rabbits, energetic turtles, and very lucky black cats can now buff Nico via their special abilities. Now it’s time for them to accompany the kitten farmer on many boat adventures.
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