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Thursday, January 19, 2023

Karagon Prelude Shoot, Construct Ridable Robots, Build Bases in Open-world Survival Game

Enter an immersive, dangerous open world inhabited by robotic creatures. Traverse expansive biomes, scavenge for valuable crafting resources in the wilderness and dilapidated multi-story buildings, and seek out the perfect spot to build a base of operations before starting the next adventure, either alone or with friends on community servers.

Turn simple tools into an impressive arsenal of elemental guns, armour, and melee weapons by progressing through technology tiers and compiling high-end crafting components. Move through increasingly dangerous locations filled with secrets to discover and deadly robots to destroy. Amass loot and keep it safe by mastering a modular base-building system to create a highly customised headquarters or take over and fortify one of the existing structures on the map. Prepare for unpredictable challenges during looting and scavenging runs. Elemental-infused robots lurk in multi-story buildings, waiting to strike unsuspecting adventurers on the hunt for valuable items and rare schematics. Fight back by blasting and hacking at their weak points to fell the foes and secure valuable machine parts.

Turn the tide and rule the map by creating rideable robots, capable of crossing huge distances. Guide them into dangerous locations and charge into battle to even the odds against even the most imposing machines. Balance exploration, combat, and dynamic enemy variants in an engrossing open-world survival journey defined by player choice.

“Karagon combines many of the best aspects of open-world and survival games to create an expansive and inviting experience full of first-person shooting, buildings to explore, and robots to ride,” said developer Tbjbu2. “I am thrilled to invite players to the world of Karagon when it comes to Steam Early Access on February 14!”

Karagon will launch on Steam Early Access on Tuesday, February 14, 2023 for $20, with English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Japanese, Korean, Brazilian Portuguese, Russian, and Simplified Chinese-language support.


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