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Wednesday, December 21, 2022

Land of the Vikings Game trailers latest update and improvements

Land of the Vikings
The game’s very first content update has just gone live! This “Defence Update” includes many improvements that have been requested by the game’s active audience, including automatic recruitment, village defence, and tavern improvement.

The developers are taking note of much of the feedback they have received and are balancing the game accordingly.

Take a look at the improvements brought by this latest update:

Auto-assign jobs: As the player progresses, it will now be possible for them to turn on the automatic assignment of workers for many tasks. You can always assign the workers yourself, but if you want to focus your attention on some of your many other responsibilities, just activate automatic assignment.

Auto Replace Workers: With this feature, an available worker is immediately assigned to replace the employee who leaves the job for any reason.

Auto Ship Repair: When ships are considerably damaged, they will automatically be sent to a vacant Shipyard for repair.

Auto Plant-Harvest: By using this feature, you can enable farmers to constantly plant and harvest fields that you're using.

Village Defense: To make players’ experiences even more realistic, villages will be attacked by surrounding local tribes, and players will need to defend themselves.

Wall Build: Fortify your village to keep your villagers safe. By installing the newly added defensive buildings, the Wall and Watchtowers, you can defend your village against future attacks.

Some smaller changes based on player feedback:

The speed of a day in the game is increased by 20%.
Trees will spawn 25% faster.
Warrior training fees have increased.


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