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Thursday, December 15, 2022

Invites the World to Relax with AKA a wholesome adventure in a beautiful and insightful story

This thoroughly original game is sure to please players around the world with its relaxing, intuitive gameplay wrapped in a stunningly insightful story. Aka’s hand-crafted graphics and exciting features are sure to please players as it touches their hearts. Steam and Nintendo Switch players can pick up a copy of Aka for $12.99. From release day to December 27th 2022, players can leverage a 10% discount.

Aka is a retired red panda soldier looking for a simpler life. In this wholesome adventure, players help him find inner peace using insightful decision-making. With four large islands to explore, crafting to undertake, and quests to solve, there is something for everyone in Aka.
Players will travel through unique biomes on four islands Pine Island, Maple Island, Palm Island, and Bamboo Island. They will interact with NPCs throughout their adventures and learn more about them through their touching stories. Mini-games will offer another layer of fun as well. Those looking for more relaxing and cerebral fun can spend time napping, daydreaming, swimming, and more as befits a retiree.


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