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Sunday, November 13, 2022

Run Sausage Run insane party game on Switch

Escape a trap-filled kitchen as a hot dog in Run Sausage Run

Apart from an engaging single player experience, Run Sausage Run comes with multiplayer mode and are tailored to enjoy in short sessions with other people. While individual struggles may be quick, you will rapidly develop a “let’s have another go” syndrome and the whacky game will dominate your party night.

The game features:
· Battle royale experience - players will control a sausage of their choice, fighting for a title of the last survivor with others and avoiding obstacles;
· Three distinct game modes - Last Sausage Standing where you struggle to survive, Arena where you respawn to battle for a high score, and also a Team fight; mode where you join forces with other players to win a team death match
· Varying environments - kitchen, garden, maniac’s lab: all of them display unique obstacles and provide countless ways to obliterate your foes.

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