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Thursday, September 27, 2018

First ever World Tactical eSports Marathon, gifts,

Camex Games announced today that their Tactical Role Playing Game is Launching its first World eSports Marathon along with the Amazon Appstore release!

For 6 days, our Rumblers will have to face each other in daily challenges to try and win many Monsters and gifts!

Train your monsters and prepare your teams in this challenge where all available monsters are limited to level 12! In Tactical monsters' Esport mode, only tactics count...

Be the first to shine in this international Esport event and participate in the launch of the #1 Esport Tactical Game!

Tactical Monsters Esport marathon organisation

Prepare yourself for our various challenges where your opponents will try to surpass you. Win the associated monsters cards and a ton of gifts with each challenge!

  • Blocky challenge (Epic Monster) - 1 October / UTC 16pm
  • Ares challenge (Legendary Monster) - 2 October / UTC 16pm
  • Thumper challenge (Epic Monster) - 3 October / UTC 16pm
  • Daq Daq challenge (Epic Monster) - 4 October / UTC 16pm
  • Mudman challenge (Rare Monster) - 5 October / UTC 16pm
  • Lamorak challenge (Epic Monsters) - 6 October / UTC 16pm

Rumblers from all around the world can now join the NEW UPDATE to participate in the new eSport event and try to win 7 Monsters for FREE !

Be ready to battle in this tactical online adventure on the Google Play store, Apple App Store, Mac App Store and Steam.

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