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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition video game released!

Yun & Yang from video game Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition
The long-awaited Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition was recently released in a variety of arcades around the world, containing balance changes from past iterations and new characters along with all of Super's original cast.

Fans of Street Fighter III will remember Chinese twins Yun and Yang for their unique style of combat, usually involving a solid pressure game and devastating combos thanks to supers Genei-jin and Seiei Enbu. Thankfully, Capcom have answered the prayers of many by making these the super for each character in SSFIVAE as well as having both other Super Arts as Ultra I and II respectively.

With regards to balance changes made in Arcade Edition, there's still much speculation as to what remains and what's been added. EventHubs posted an article on what's been confirmed so far, which can be found here:

Footage of SSFIVAE can be seen in the following videos of casual play not long after the game's launch:

More info on the game will be posted soon, so keep checking back for updates!

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