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Friday, December 12, 2008

Ninjatown download now on Nintendo Wii channel

Get a Taste of Action-Strategy Fun from the Highly Anticipated Nintendo DS Title, Courtesy of Ol’ Master Ninja

SouthPeak Games announced today that a demo of Ninjatown for Nintendo DS is now available as a free download via Nintendo Channel on Wii. Assume the role of Ol’ Master Ninja and lead your Ninja troops against the invading Wee Devils in an all-out battle to determine the fate of Ninjatown.

The demo of Ninjatown includes the first six maps from the game. Players can get a glimpse at the level of depth and strategy in the game as they fight against the Wee Devils with just a sampling of the Ninjas and special abilities. In the full retail version of the game, there will be a total of thirty-six maps, and over a dozen abilities and tokens to unleash on Mr. Demon and the evil masses.
“Playing Ninjatown is habit forming,” said Lee Perez, Producer at SouthPeak Games. “Giving gamers a taste of this addictive title is part of Ol’ Master Ninja’s complex master plan. I felt gamers should be advised of this adorable scheme.”
The process to download the Ninjatown demo is simple: First make sure you are opted in on your Wii to send data to Nintendo, then select the demo from the Ninjatown info page on Nintendo Channel, and the Wii menu will instruct you to turn on your Nintendo DS and select “Download Play” from the system menu.

Players can also visit to create their own Ninjas with the Wee Ninjatron, which can then be shared with their friends via Facebook, MySpace and more. Ninjatown is rated PEGI 7+ and is available now.

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